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The cold and chilly waves in winter can be a challenge for anyone. When the temperatures start to drop, there can be nothing better than coming home to a warm environment. However, keeping your warm and cozy can be a challenge during the extreme cold temperatures. Because cold weather can often lead to HVAC problems.

Proper maintenance will help not only save money on repairs but also let the HVAC system stay energy efficient. By being familiar with these common HVAC problems you can easily avoid them and keep your home warm and cozy.

  1. Frozen Pipes and Coils

This is a common HVAC problem in the winter season as ice starts to build up when the temperatures drop. It can also freeze water inside pipes and cause them to burst, which can be an expensive repair. If you suspect that frozen water in pipes is preventing your heating system from working smoothly, you should immediately call a professional service provider for HVAC repair in San Jose and turn off the source of water.

  1. Thermostat Problems

A Thermostat regulates your heating system; a faulty thermostat can lead to various HVAC issues such as uneven heating. It may need to be recalibrated or replaced. Upgrading to a smart thermostat won’t just solve the uneven heating problems; it will also improve your energy efficiency.

  1. Uneven Heating in Some Areas

If some rooms are colder than others, it is a common sign of air leaks which can be caused by cracks around windows and doors or insufficient insulation. Uneven heating could also be a sign of a problem with your HVAC system. A dirty air filter may be preventing the HVAC system from functioning properly.

  1. Heat Pump Problems

Cold weather can take its toll on heat pumps. This can include low refrigerant, dirty air filters, faulty starter capacitors, and blocked coils. Most heat pump problems can be troubleshooted easily, if you are experiencing more complex issues, you can call a professional service.

  1. Dirty HVAC Filters

To keep your HVAC system functioning properly and prevent any issues, it is crucial to ensure that air filters are not dirty. The air filter can be clogged with dust and dirt which prevents air from flowing freely. It can decrease air flow and make your HVAC system work harder, checking your air filter regularly, it may need to be cleaned or replaced. Getting your HVAC maintenance sessions done regularly can also help maintain its efficiency for a long time.

  1. Pilot Light Not Lighting

If your heating system runs on propane or gas, it will require a pilot light to ignite properly. If the pilot light isn’t turning on, then you are not going to experience heat. The issue could be a dirty or damaged sensor.


These are the most common HVAC issues in winter. To avoid these problems, consider routine HVAC maintenance services.

With American HVAC Inc., you can expect heating and air conditioning services that ensure the comfort and care you deserve. We provide top-notch services for HVAC in San Jose including Installation, maintenance, and repair.

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