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Let’s face it, air pollution in your home can be as worse as it is outdoors. And with 87% of American spending their life indoors, you’d need to take immediate steps to improve your home’s air quality.

Air pollutants can range from contaminants coming from outdoors by your pets to dangerous gas leaks. Carbon monoxide is another air pollutant released from natural gas. Older homes may have asbestos and disease-causing particles. In kitchens and bathrooms, mold and mildew can create a nuisance where the moisture level is higher.

air pollution

Looking for a way to improve air quality in your home? Look at the points below.

1. Replace your AC Filter
Air conditioners give your home an ideal temperature all year round. But while cycling through the air, they filter out common air pollutants. It not only harms your indoor air quality but also damages your AC, which leads to costly repairs.

So, change your AC filters frequently, especially if you’re prone to certain allergies or live in a city with high levels of pollution.

2. Check Air Ducts
Air ducts distribute hot and cold air throughout your home. But if not properly installed or maintained, it can result in contamination. Over time, dander, dust, and mold can collect in your air ducts and adversely affect the air quality. Always hire a professional to ensure your ducts are circulating fresh and clean air.

3. Use Cooking Vents
Many air pollutants in your home come from the kitchen. Gas stoves may release hazardous contaminants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. So, whenever cooking, turn on your kitchen vents or open a window to filter out the air.

4. Control Humidity in your Home
Humidity or moistness causes mold and mildew that can trigger respiratory problems. Depending on where you live, the summer season can bring humid conditions.

You can reduce moisture in the air and limit annoying molds by installing a good dehumidifier. They can help maintain humidity levels and create a comfortable environment at home.

5. Indoor Plants to Refresh the Air
Plants are considered natural air filters. Getting a few indoor plants can help improve indoor air quality while elevating home décor. Small plants like lilies and ferns and large palm trees are the best choice to create a contamination-free environment.

6. Tackle Mold and Mildew
Mold and mildew can cause issues with air quality and be very harmful to those who suffer from breathing problems. Be sure to reduce the chances of mold by fixing leaking plumbing and draining drip trays of your dehumidifier and air conditioning system.

Many things can contribute to poor air quality like dust, smoke, and allergens. The air you breathe circulate within your body so make sure to improve indoor air quality.

Call American HVAC to achieve an energy-efficient home and meet your comfort needs. We offer services like air quality audits and systems to enhance indoor air quality in San Jose, California. Our experts will look into areas that can harm the air quality and take necessary actions to fix them promptly and effectively.

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