Air Filtration Installation

Modern properties are developed to keep allergens firmly airtight. Even though this is nice for energy dues, a shortage of typical ventilation isn’t so nice for your indoor air standard.

An air filtration system in San Jose, California, can help by reducing air pollution that can naturally build up in your home air.

We’re not just alluding to your HVAC system’s air filter here. We’re discussing a model that can eliminate pet hair, germs, viruses and pollutants.

Your heating and cooling unit can distribute these contaminants throughout your home various times during the day, so that’s why air purification is so critical for establishing purified air indoors.

Our air refinement equipment work with lots of makes and models of HVAC equipment.

Which include:

  • Media air cleaners
  • HEPA purification units
  • Replacement filters

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Reduce Contaminants with an Air Purifier

Air purifiers don’t solely purify air. It can also improve your heating and cooling system’s energy efficiency.

That’s because they can help get rid of contaminants that accumulate during routine usage.

Looking for something more powerful? Specific models offer hospital-grade air cleaning for viruses and bacteria, while others can lessen home aromas through a carbon filter.

Decrease Viruses with a Germicidal Lantern

A germicidal lamp uses the power of ultraviolet light to lessen contaminants within your household.

While these lamps help make your indoor air better, they could also keep your heating and cooling system productive.

That’s because electromagnetic light eliminates mold, pet dander and other pollutants that can amass in your system over time.


Improve Your House’s Indoor Air Quality

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