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With the cost of living going up and energy bills soaring, a few adjustments in your daily routines can help you save significantly on your heating bills. If you are worried about the rising heating costs in your household, here are some simple tips that can help you save money. Apart from making a difference to your pocket, these tips will also help reduce your carbon footprint and keep your heating and air conditioning in San Jose, in efficient functioning.

  1. Isolate the Rooms you Don’t Use

If there are any rooms in your house that you don’t use often, there is no point heating it. Turn the radiators off in unused rooms and close the door to prevent any cold air getting out and hot air getting in. This will help you reduce energy wastage and reduce heating bills.

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat in your house helps adjust the temperature according to your preferences. With a smart thermostat, you don’t need to set different temperatures for day and night, it can all be done autonomously. Also, there is no need to turn the furnace down every time you leave your home. If your furnace is old, this can be a beneficial investment in the long run.

  1. Opt for thick Curtains and Shades

Do you know that around 30% of heating loss in your home happens through windows? You can prevent the heating loss by opting for thick curtains and shades. This simple trick can help you cut down your heating bills.

  1. Wear Warm Clothes & Use an Electric Blanket

Wearing warmer clothes and using an electric blanket allows you to dial the thermostat down a bit and save money on energy bills. You can also buy a space heater to increase the temperature in your living space. Making these small changes can keep you warm at night without shooting up the energy bills.

  1. Get an Energy Audit of your Home

Scheduling an energy audit will help you find areas in your house with maximum heat loss. The technician will also suggest solutions to fix the issues. They also have all the tools to review your appliances for energy efficiency.

  1. Replace your old Furnace

If you are using an old furnace, then no tune-up can help you cut down the energy costs. A possible solution is to replace your old furnace. Getting a new furnace would be a substantial investment but in the long run It can be valuable as well helping cut down energy costs and save money.

  1. Change Furnace Filters Regularly

A dirty filter can make your furnace work harder and that eventually leads to higher heating bills. You should aim to change the filter regularly, it will help the furnace work effectively and reduce the energy bills.

  1. Seal Doors and Windows

Weather stripping can wear off over time. Take some time to check whether doors and windows are letting any air in. You can use protective foam to seal the windows and doors. Light fixtures can also have air leaks, it is important to seal them to ensure that warm arm doesn’t escape through such areas.


The rising energy costs can take a toll on the budget of your household. Trying these simple things can help you significantly lower heating bills.

At American HVAC Inc., we are committed to providing top-notch HVAC services in San Jose and surrounding areas to ensure efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Whether it is furnace maintenance or thermostat replacement, we are recognized for helping our customers with all heating and air conditioning needs in San Jose.

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