Maximize your indoor and exterior area with a packaged system in San Jose, California, from American HVAC Inc.

Packaged systems are put in outside, giving you more appropriate space indoors. You can install one on your rooftop or beside your house.

We provide assorted brands, models and fuel configurations, including:

  • Gas/electric
  • Electric
  • Heat pump
  • Dual fuel

Specific high-efficiency kinds we offer are eligible for ENERGY STAR® status, which can help you save more on electricity expenses. Whichever type you choose, you can have satisfaction it will provide dependable ease for ages.

Reach us at (408) 516-3886 to find out more related to our all-in-one HVAC units. Our professionals can help you determine the right product for your wants, whether you’re interested in preserving space, giving less for utilities or both!

Advantages of Utilizing a Packaged HVAC Unit

An all-in-one unit provides many advantages for your home, including:

  1. Improved energy efficiency that can lower your usage on utility costs, especially when you decide on an ENERGY STAR® model.
  2. Complimentary with smart thermostats, which regulate comfort to your loved ones’ routine to help save money.
  3. Advanced programming like variable-speed heating, that provides soft comfort to your house while conserving energy.
  4. Certainty your heater will perform correctly throughout the heating season without requiring emergency service.
  5. Pleasure in realizing that your new heating unit has progressive technology that helps take care of your family.


We’ll Help You Choose the Right All-in-One HVAC System

Contact us to get started discovering the right all-in-one heating and cooling unit for your home or business. We’ll help you determine the right model for your current needs.

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