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We use American HVAC for work – we are always super appreciative of the quality of the work we get with American HVAC.  I work at a organization where we have multiple buildings and different air temperature needs for each building – they always troubleshoot our issues and make sure we are meeting the temperature needs of our members and families.

The technicians and Cuinn (the owner) are always professional and helpful to explain exactly what the issue is and how they are going to resolve it.  We have called them in emergency situations with our AC and they have been able to come out quickly and take care of our issues.  During the hottest part of the Summer, a fuse burned out and we had no AC for a main lobby area – they were out to us and had our AC back up within a couple hours.  They have been a real life saver for us!

I know we will continue to use American HVAC for work and if I have any residential needs for my house – they will be my first call!