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I scheduled a maintenance call for my A/C unit and furnace since it's been 15 years since I moved in and I read somewhere that you should have it looked at every other year, so I knew I was overdue. I called around and liked American HVAC because they picked up right away and scheduled me into a one hour time slot. I was rather pleasantly surprised when the technician showed up exactly on time and spent his time carefully inspecting the units and gave me some good options to either replace parts, replace the unit or just wait. I thought the advice was very fair and objective because he told me the risks and costs involved with each. I have already and would again recommend them just because of their honesty and transparency. You definitely don't get that with other companies.
Richard W.
We had an issue with our AC unit and Paul came out to take a look. He was great! After a few quick fixes, the system was back up running. Really appreciate Paul's service, he was also very respectful when it came to coming into the house - with a mask, shoe covers, not touching door knobs, and keeping distance as we navigated to the furnace. Would definitely recommend this company!
Dave L.
Technician, Paul came out to do a diagnostic on my AC and furnace. I would have thought a 15+ year unit would have needed some work. Thankfully, there was no problem. He was very thorough and took the time to explain in detail how to maintain the longevity of our units. He was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly! I will refer and use this company again. Thanks, Paul!
Stephanie M.
Of course our A/C stopped working right before the latest heatwave! I immediately went on Yelp and found American HVAC. They were crazy busy with requests, but somehow managed to fit me in earlier than expected. On the day of my appointment, my service technician, Paul, called to say he was on his way over. He was polite, knowledgeable, and friendly. He diagnosed our problem in about 5 minutes and quickly got to work to fix it. The thing that most impressed us was that he took the time to look at our whole A/C system to make sure everything was running just the way it should be and then offered a few suggestions to make our unit run more efficiently. Paul is a stud! If you're looking for a company that believes in quality service at a fair price, call American HVAC!
Judy S.

We have had an air conditioner that has been installed for about 10 years, but did not use much as there always seemed to be an issue with it. The company that installed it was no help at all despite repeated visits. After a recent heat wave, I called American HVAC to see if another company could resurrect our AC. I was given a 2hr window for the technician to arrive. Paul D, our technician, came within that time frame and called when he was on his way over.

Paul was very communicative, honest and an overall great guy. He assessed and inspected the major issues that we had including the root cause of our problem which were some screw caps that were not re-tightened by the previous company allowing our freon to escape over time. For the first time in years, we ran our AC and just in time as it reached 100 outside! The time he took to inspect the system and talk with me, made all the difference.

Rob T.
I can't emphasize enough how great it has been working with American HVAC. Their team was able to complete a centralized install many other vendors tried to upcharge us with separate room units. Their team has taken any reported issues very seriously and provided close to immediate resolutions as covered by their warranty. Their manager even personally came out to validate the install. They really have gone above and beyond with experience and is the type of commitment a customer needs for such a critical service. We have young kids and having working heating and air condition is essential for us. I'm glad we selected American HVAC as our vendor.
Joty H.
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